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About Impcross

Providing quality engineering for over 50 years

Founded in 1969, Impcross have built an enviable reputation across the Globe producing volume manufacturing of complex prismatic and rotating parts, assemblies and support processes. For over 50 years we have supplied our services to those in aerospace, automotive and defence, today we continue in those markets coupled with marine, medical, nuclear, renewables and energy sectors.

The company is still family owned and in the second generation led by Steven Arnold, supported by an experienced and trusted management team and loyal staff. Through continuous improvement the company has grown its reputation for world class engineering and world class service. Much of the Impcross work is larger volume, but we are able to work on short-turnaround specialist needs aswell.

In a world governed by price, Impcross is able to provide cost effective solutions, but never undermining the quality of production. With parts being produced for harsh environments and needing to be of the highest provision, we have never failed on our goal of high quality service each and every time.

Our clients and partners include leading names in many sectors including Safran, Collins, Ontic, Mazak, Matsuura alongside others who we are unable to name for confidentiality. With unrivalled excellence and experience Impcross are you partner for all of your engineering needs.

Over 50 years of engineering excellence

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How do we do it?

Our approach to our products and services is focused on a vertical integrated manufacturing system. We strive to produce a leaner process in-house, reducing manufacturing lead times and process controls.  This ensures optimum quality in production, cost efficiencies, enabling Impcross to be more competitive globally.

Here at Impcross we are predominantly CNC Machinists who utilise extensive knowledge, experience and equipment to provide the Aerospace industry with competitive, high quality products.  From accurate front-end planning at the quotation stage, followed by product planning and programming through to the meticulous methods of quality control throughout production, we strive to meet and surpass our customer manufacturing needs and requirements.


What are our

core services?

Complex Prismatic

Complex Prismatic machining capability on multi-axis platforms allowing a minimum number of operations to achieve the finished component. With quick release tooling reducing setting times and “Process Capibility” to allow lights out multi pallet machining.

Pistons & Cylinders 

Pistons & Cylinders are an Impcross speciality with over 12 years’ experience of machining thin wall components using techniques that have been developed internally.



CNC Grinding, Lapping & Honing is completed in a temperature-controlled environment, allowing another Impcross speciality of matching valves and spools or different applications.

NADCAP approved NDT 

NADCAP approved NDT is a development area for Impcross as a business, and we have the following processes available Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Etch & Passivate and we can work closely with ourcustomers to develop data cards and approvals.

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