In early 2018 Impcross Engineering announced support for local motorbike racer Dan Cooper. Dan has been riding for most of his life and this season has been competing in the 600cc and 1000cc classes on the circuit. The season has just finished and Dan has been talking about the highs and lows of his season and the positive impact Impcross has had on his season, a season that included racing at the Isle of Man TT in the summer.

Without the support from Impcross I would not be able to race that the level that I do, the support has been amazing” said Dan. “To be associated with a company with such a reputation for precision engineering and world class excellence has been a huge boost” Dan continued.

For Dan this year his bike certainly stood out from the crown with the distinctive Impcross branding colours. “We had so many people comment on the bike and many people came to the look at the bike between races, it really caught people’s eye” Dan said enthusiastically.

Dale Ballinger, Impcross CEO said “We are proud to support local enterprises and for us Dan resonates with our high levels of precision. Dan deals in thousands of a second marginal gains and for us as a company we are about the microns of precision engineering too.”

Watch now to hear more about Dan’s season and why Impcross is so important to him.